DIY Lip Stain: Using an old lipstick.

Today I’m going to tell you how I took advantage of a cheap lipstick to make a lip stain. You must probably have one or two of those that you don’t use anymore, or lipsticks that you recently bought but didn’t like. Don’t throw them away! The one I used was the really cheap kind, it was awful on my lips, but I got a little creative and turned it into a good thing. Keep reading!

You are going to need: Vaseline, Lipstick, an oil of your choice ( Here I used almond oil because it’s very moisturizing and colorless ).

About the tools, you’ll need a ladle ( the big spoon thing ) which I suppose you already have. It’s for soups! Everybody loves soups! A toothpick. And you should have a small pot to put it in. So, I’ve taken pictures of my little recipe in progress, they’ll help you understand it better, but it’s really simple anyway.

  • First, take a knife and carefully cut a portion of the lipstick. I cut mine in half. Put it in the ladle and add the same amount of vaseline and oil. 1 part lipstick, 1 part vaseline, 1 part oil.
  • Place the ladle on the smallest stove and try to secure it there using a glass (You can barely see my glass in the pic ) Just place a glass under the handle and it will stay put, hopefully. Turn the stove on the lowest heat possible.
  • Wait patiently and keep an eye on it constantly. After a while the lipstick will start melting inside the mix, as you can see. It’s pretty interesting to watch it melt. Take a toothpick and stir it carefully until it becomes even all over. Pour the liquid inside the pot, and you’re done! Wait a few minutes to let it cool down.

You can see what it looks like on my lips, in the very first pic. The lipstick had a magenta-like hue despite being a red color, so it showed up more pinkish. You can use whichever color you can even mix two different lipsticks! Have fun!


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